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Leather cleaning in Dundee

The way we clean leather sofas is using modern product technology and techniques. So if you are after a great job from leather sofa cleaners in Dundee you are in the right place. Leather cleaning in Dundee was never better.

Central leather care has been cleaning leather sofas and soft furnishings for many years. We offer a leather cleaning service in Fife and the surrounding area Furthermore, we are highly trained to bring the very best out in your leather couch.

Using only the finest leather cleaning products on the market you can be sure that the leather furniture that you loved, and invested heavily in, is safe in our expert hands.

Leather sofa cleaning Dundee

After years of training with some of the best leather people in the business we know how to make your leather sofa look great again and at the same time revive and protect the leather for the future.

We use many leather cleaning products. It all depends on what type of leather your suite is made from. There are many types of finishes that are applied to furniture leather.

A large percentage of leather sofas are what is called pigmented leather. Put simply this means that a colour has been applied in the factory and is usually finished with coats of a leather protector.

There is Aniline leather which is coloured using a dye. This leather is not finished with a protector and is easily marked. This type of leather can be cleaned but a lot of staining will still be apparent.

Semi Aniline leather is somewhere in between in as much as it will have some degree of protector. This soon rubs off though and really needs replacing before marks that can not be removed occur.

Find out how to identify leather

Local leather cleaning experts

The thing with leather cleaning is that like everything people like to have a go at cleaning it themselves. The problem here is that one mistake and it could mean some very expensive leather repair.

Unfortunately, some leather cleaning products that are on sale have very harsh chemicals in them. Such as ammonia and other ingredients that literally take the paint off!

This has come about simply because people just want to spray something and give it a quick wipe. well these products will make it look better. but taking off a layer of paint with every wipe soon leads to the undercoat and then the leather showing.

This is never a good way to clean a leather sofa. You need to find experts in leather cleaning in Dundee to ensure that your investment is treated with respect and not damaged.

Why clean a leather sofa?

One of the reasons that your sofa needs deep cleaning and re protecting is to make sure that the central heating and other factors have not dried out the leather beyond repair.

With regular cleaning the suite will be inspected and if tiny cracks start appearing we can treat them. It’s all in the price of a leather clean. But it is essential if you want your leather couch to last.

It will stay flexible and will keep it’s appearance. Looking great is not enough though. As we go through the day our clothes pick up all sorts of tiny particle and worst still dust. In the dust there are thousands of tiny grit like pieces that act like sand paper when we get on and off the sofa.

This action causes scratches to the pigment (paint) and when this happens the leather is at risk of being expose and will start to dry and crack. When we come to clean your leather furniture we treat all this to make sure that your sofa is well protected for the next year or so. It the best way to protect your investment.

We don’t charge extra for this. It is all included in our leather cleaning prices.

How much is leather sofa cleaning in Dundee?

The answer to how much is leather sofa cleaning in Dundee is £25 per seating position. Including a suitable protector. So a two seater leather sofa and two arm chairs would be £100 by skilled professional leather cleaners in Dundee. Prices vary from firm to firm.

Trust your local Dundee leather cleaners

Because we really understand leather we know what to use and when to use it. Our leather cleaner is formulated for us to our specification It is not available in the shops to buy.

The reason we have invested in developing this product is that it well deep clean your leather sofa without damaging it. And at the same time it will do no harm to children, pets or anybody that comes into contact with it.

There are no harsh chemicals in our leather cleaner. No bleach or ammonia or other chemicals that will start to degrade your leather and fade the paint.

We have different products for different leather types. This is just one of the reasons we are know for high quality leather cleaning in Dundee a great value local prices.

Leather couch cleaners in Dundee

Whether you have a singe couch or a full leather suite. We come in and deep clean it for you. We protect your carpets and flooring and make sure that we don’t disturb anything while we work.

Leather cleaning in Dundee
Leather cleaning in Dundee

One of the reason that our clients like our leather cleaning service is that they get the same people every time. We are a family firm, so you only get us. This is good in other ways too. We sometime make small repairs or re colour a scratch for you for example.

Because we know the furniture, we will maintain this repair for you on further visits. Or there may be something else that is important about your sofa. it’s good to know that you always get the same people.

Central leather care covers Dundee, Kinross KY13, Dunfermiline, Perth and Kinross, Newport upon tay DD6, St Andrews KY 16, Leven, Cupar KY15, Livinstone, Fife, Anstruther, Glenrothes, Tayport, Lochgelly KY5.

In conclusion, we Cover clean leather sofas from Dundee to Dunfermline and from Anstruther to Kinross. So you can be sure of a great local leather sofa cleaning service by central leather care. We don’t employ, we do all the work ourselves.

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