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Leather cleaning Fife

Leather cleaning Fife
Leather cleaning Fife

Looking for leather cleaning Fife? You found us. When you are thinking about getting your leather sofa cleaned, you only want the most professional service out there. We will deep clean and re protect your leather sofa investment drawing on years of experience in Fife.

You are in safe hands. At Central Leather Care we are a dedicated professional company that strives for excellence in leather cleaning. We take a lot of pride in our work and also love the reactions of our customers when they see the transformations of their leather sofas.

There is one thing that is very important about a leather sofa ,that a sales person will not tell you. It’s like a trade secret, leather needs to be looked after!

Why use leather cleaning Fife.

We make it very easy for you, and usually only requires one call out a year from us and we would be very happy to look after your leather sofa needs.

We get lots of questions about leather sofa cleaning in Fife. Here are some of the common ones:

Will Fife leather sofa cleaning help fading?

Leather sofas are painted with a pigment, sometimes more than one colouring depending what type of sofa you have.

Once the pigment is applied at the factory a protective layer is applied over the top. This layer seals the colour in place and keeps the sofa looking at its best.

With normal everyday wear this protective layer rubs away within 8 months to 1 year. This is when you start to see the pigment wearing away, each time you use the sofa after the protective layer has faded it rubs away at the pigment. At this time is when your sofa starts looking a bit less than perfect.

If the pigment has started to faded then you need to head down the re finishing route to fix the problem. But don’t fret too much you can stop this from happening from the start!

How to clean a leather sofa.

Regular maintenance is the solution here. Getting your leather sofa cleaned and re protected every year is a minimal cost to keep that sofa looking its absolute best.

If your sofa has started to fade then a professional cleaning once a year will stop further damage due to the protector being applied.

Leather cleaning Fife
Leather cleaning Fife

Why is my leather sofa cracking?

This problem is slightly more serious, but the solution is the same. Upkeep and regular maintenance is the key to stopping any major problems with your expensive leather furniture.

Cracking of the leather is a result of multiple issues. Drying out caused by heating in your home, direct sunlight and wear and tear.

These are the unavoidable problems of daily living and cannot be helped. This can be scary to see your leather sofa start cracking and once it has gotten to this point there is not a lot that can be done other than a full renovation.

The underlying cause is again the protective layer has been worn away and not replaced. You need to do this at least once a year to stop any serious damage occurring. If you do you’ll get few problems and your sofa will last for many years to come.

How to protect leather furniture

Leather re-protection what does this mean?

We talk a lot about applying a re-protective layer to your sofa and how it helps keep your leather in tip top condition.

Well here’s the deal its basically in the name, it’s a protective layer that goes over the entire sofa. It’s applied at the end of manufacturing right before the sofas shipped to your home. When you receive your sofa it has a fresh coat of protection which makes your sofa not only look great but stays looking great for up to a year depending on how much the sofa is used.

After this time frame that layer has worn away and now you are down to the delicate painted layer that has no protection now.

Suddenly your sofa isn’t looking so great and you have no idea why. Buying a new sofa is out of the question as its only a year old, but if you get it cleaned and re-protected now you save your self-heartache down the road.

Hiring us as your local professional leather cleaning company we can either stop these problems getting worse or even better ever occurring at all. Find out more about us here.

In conclusion, looking after your leather sofa doesn’t need to be difficult or even hard work for that matter. Its just a quick and easy phone call. Or message or email us, your local leather cleaning Fife experts. And we will take care of the hard work and leave your sofa shining.

Don’t forget, we offer our leather sofa cleaning service in Dundee and the surrounding area as well as the Fife area.

Call today for that deep cleaning and re-protection your sofa is crying out for.
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