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Central Leather Care terms and conditions

These are the Central Leather Care terms and conditions. Please telephone, email or write to us if you don’t understand anything.

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We offer a leather cleaning service for furniture such as leather sofas and chairs normally used in a private home.

We do not offer a specific stain removal service. However, we are highly trained in stain removal. We carry a vast range of products with us for stain removal. However, as stated above, we do not charge or offer stain removal as a service.

We do endeavour to remove stains as part of our cleaning process. However, we cannot guarantee to remove stains. As by their very nature, they can be anything from hair dye, fake tan or other products that are developed not to be removed or wash out.

During the leather cleaning process, we will go as far as we can without damaging your furniture when we attempt to remove stains.

You accept this along with all the rest of our terms and conditions when you invite us to clean your leather upholstery.


We must be notified of any complaints or queries within 7 days.

As a professional service, we are committed to resolve any complaints about our service. We will reply to your complaint as soon as we can and in any event, within 7 days.

We feel this is plenty of time to notice anything that you may feel is not right.

Our aim is to resolve any complaint brought to our attention. We strive to offer a high quality local leather cleaning service and really want our clients to be happy with the service.


We do not collect or drop off keys from agencies. Furthermore, a representative from the agency must be in attendance throughout the whole process if the property is empty.


Payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque are the only accepted payment options and must be settled upon the completion of the work. A receipt will be issued at the same time.

If for some reason payment on the day of the work is not possible. Payment must be made within 24 hours.

When payment is outstanding a polite reminder will be sent by text message in order to keep a record of communication.

If text messaging is not an option we will write to you after 24 hours.

When text messages or the initial reminder letter is ignored, we will endevour to contact you again. if it becomes evident that payment is not forthcoming. We will send a recorded delivery letter informing you that the the debt is to be recoverd by an agency or settled by the small claims court.

We encourage our clients to contact us as soon as possible if they have problems paying the invoice as we are always willing to come to an arangement that suits our clients.

Mor information

If you would like more information regarding Central Leather Care terms and conditions. Please contact us at any time.

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Central Leather Care terms and conditions
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